The Best AI Tool for Designers

The Best AI Tool for Designers
Adobe Sensei Sensei, Adobe's artificial intelligence platform, helps designers automate their workflows and increase their productivity. It has features such as advanced image and text analysis, automatic color palette suggestions, and content-based recommendations.

Framer Framer is an artificial intelligence tool that makes it easy to create interactive and user-focused designs. It speeds up designers' work with features such as pre-built components, animation suggestions and user tests.

DeepArt DeepArt allows designers to create original and creative works by applying artificial intelligence-based filters to their images. It expands users' artistic expression with features such as style transfer and image resizing.

Coolors Coolors uses artificial intelligence technology to create a color palette. Designers can achieve harmonious and balanced color combinations by determining a main color. It helps you visualize your designs with features like color rhymes and live preview.

Fontjoy Font selection is an important element that affects the overall appearance of the design. Fontjoy makes font selection easier for designers with recommendations generated by artificial intelligence. When you choose a font combination, you can visually see the compatibility of the fonts.

Lunacy AI Lunacy AI is an artificial intelligence tool that helps users edit their photos. Thanks to features such as automatic corrections, crops and photo enhancements, designers can make their visual content more attractive.
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