The Life of a Cheetos Man

The Life of a Cheetos Man
The "Other Hand" campaign draws people's attention to the fact that 99% of people eat chips. This prompts people to do it with their non-dominant hand when they eat chips. With a blend of humor, the campaign honors the common tendency of millions of people. The humor, of course, comes from the erroneous, absurd actions performed with the non-dominant hand.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners is behind the campaign. Creative outdoor ads and humor-filled commercials centered around the theme of the non-dominant hand are part of the campaign. Also noteworthy is the ad in the New York Times, full of typos. The jokes are inspired by a variety of people, including illustrators, calligraphers, copywriters, plastic surgeons, game watchers, athletes, bakers and drivers.

The campaign also includes a social media campaign encouraging Cheetos fans to share their own "Other Hand" experiences. Tina Mahal, PepsiCo's senior vice president of marketing for North America, explains the campaign as follows: "Cheetos fans know the feeling of having their fingers covered in that beloved orange Cheetle dust. Instead of putting down the bag of Cheetos, they try to use their 'Other Hand' and things often go hilariously wrong. This campaign is a tribute to fans who will do anything for their favorite snack. We're showing the world that it's okay to use the 'Other Hand' and accept the mess."

This campaign is centered around Cheetos' "hands with chips" theme, and it should be noted that Doritos, another brand of Frito-Lay under the umbrella of PepsiCo, has been running similar themed campaigns. For example, some Doritos packages that functioned as washcloths were also part of these campaigns.
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